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What We Do

Loan Pro Contract 2 Close is a 3rd party mortgage loan processing company, that partners with mortgage brokers and lenders.

We deliver fast turn times with flat fee pricing and no surprises.

Let our experience help YOU grow YOUR business…Leave the details to US to handle!

Contact Us today to learn more about our contract processing services.

Loan Pro Contract 2 Close, INC is a hands-on, family owned and operated company. We can handle any amount of volume to meet your needs, yet we are small enough to give you the individual personalized attention…that YOU deserve.

Our Mission

To provide a positive experience for our clients, our partners, and every person involved throughout the mortgage process by operating by our “5 C’s of Processing” system.

Our Vision

To be known and recommended among mortgage brokers and lenders as the superior choice in mortgage processing.

Our Purpose

To make the complex mortgage loan process simple for clients.


Welcome to Loan Pro Contract 2 Close, INC

Loan Pro Contract 2 Close, INC started as a result of working with multiple mortgage companies and mortgage loan originators that had the same goals but couldn’t see what it would take to make those goals a reality.

Holli Dark and Kristal Wilson, the “Sister Team” have a variety of degrees, certifications, and licenses in the areas of business management, marketing, life coaching, mortgage originating, processing, underwriting, real estate, quality control and closing. Our passion to succeed and drive to success by doing the right thing was limited in corporate America.  With over 30 years combined experience in all the areas listed above, the value we could provide with our own mortgage processing company was far greater than any opportunity we could be given.

We put everything into what we do and are proud of our strong work ethic instilled into our family unit.  Your business deserves the highest level of commitment, so that is exactly what we provide.

We ensure that our operations are fully compliant with the SAFE ACT regarding licensing and insurance needed for any state we are processing in.

We offer our partners and all parties in the transaction, effective communication, great service and superior quality!  That is our Promise to YOU!

Meet Kristal

Kristal brings a multitude of talents to the business from the experience she’s had from her schooling and professional career.

After graduation, Kristal attended Northern Arizona University where she earned a BSBA in Business Marketing with a minor in Customer Service.  In 2003, she obtained her real estate license and moved to Tucson Arizona to begin a career in New Home Sales with Pulte Homes.

In 2006, Kristal moved to Raleigh North Carolina to be close to Holli and her family. She continued in new home sales until 2009 when she got married and decided to focus on a career in the lending industry. Kristal worked as aTeam Lead/Loan Officer originating loans in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee.

From 2010-2018, she worked for Wells Fargo, RBC Bank, and Movement Mortgage in areas of Loan Processing, Underwriting, Loss Mitigation, Mediation Manager, Senior Risk Underwriter, and Loan Manager. Kristal has experienced the mortgage process from the Sale all the way through the unfortunate part of default. She has worked in some capacity on every position of a mortgage transaction. This experience gives her the ability to know the entire process from start to finish. Kristal has dealt withthe challenges and obstacles that can arise and now can utilize her expertise to avoid these or overcome them effectively.

Kristal also has learned that communication is key in every aspect of life. She has mastered the talent of multitasking and overcoming any obstacles by being a Mom to 4 children; a 17-year-old step daughter and 3 boys aged 7, 4, and 1.  She is blessed to be able to partner with her sister and do what she loves to do helping people one mortgage at a time.

Meet Holli

Holli’s education with the Ohio State University led her to her career in the airline industry. Her career began with UsAirways and then was she was hired as a station manager for Midway Airlines. After growing up and living her entire life in Ohio she spread her wings and moved to Norfolk, Virginia in August of 2001 with Midway Airlines. Less than a month later September 11th happened and with such tragedy the airline shut down. She was faced with the decision to move back to Ohio or begin a new career in the mortgage industry in Raleigh, NC.

She planted her feet and began her life in North Carolina. Over the past 17 years she has helped thousands of families obtain the dream of home ownership. Holli’s experience ranges from every area within the mortgage industry. When she began her mortgage career she started as a loan officer assistant working with a loan officer who was working with new home builders. She then went into originating, processing, underwriting, quality control as well as cloisng/post closing.

Building key relationships and networking is something that just comes natural to Holli- it is who she is.
Holli’s entrepreneurial drive has led her into several different network marketing companies, where she earned titles of high level leadership in record time. Those opportunities led her to experience speaking on stage in the area of life coaching and motivational speaking at top networking events across the country. Being involved in network marketing was like having a business of your own inside of another main business. Building a business that she could control the growth of her business as well as having the time freedom and flexibility to raise her two active boys and be a part of all their sporting activities. Having your own business provided her with the time freedom but with the financial freedom as well.

That’s where her vision become clear- taking the traditional processing with one individual company to opening a business to assist multiple mortgage brokers have the best processing from contract to closing. Her dream of owning her own business has now become a reality. She can now use the leadership skills to excel in her own company and lead her company to a well known name with mortgage brokers all over the country. Her relentless desire and drive will make Loan Pro Contract 2 Close a well known name through out the mortgage industry.


Our mortgage fulfillment solutions include:


We work directly with your loan officers and borrowers to ensure that all loan documentation is complete and accurate. Our processor will:

  • Review all initial documentation, including 1003, W2’s, pay stubs, 1008, to ensure all information is complete
  • Verify disclosures are accurate, signed and completed
  • Order case numbers, if applicable
  • Order appraisal, title, insurance and other third-party services
  • Order and review verifications, including VOE, VOM and VOD
  • Analyze the credit report
  • Clear conditions
  • Order closing documents
  • Reconcile closing figures and disclosures
  • Coordinate funding
  • Review each loan to your guidelines or your investor’s guidelines. Our underwriters will make the critical approval or denial decision.
  • Run Automated Underwriting System (“AUS”) findings
  • Review each appraisal- submit for final sign off with the underwriter/investor
  • Review title and insurance

Benefits of Partnership

Reduce Turn Times

✓ Stop wasting valuable time and resources doing things that do not maximize your bottom line results.

✓ Streamlined processes help to improve the overall efficiency and accuracy. This helps companies to close loans faster and maintain low costs per loan.

✓ Faster turnaround times will also directly affect the number of loans processed.

Increase Your Income

✓ Place your emphasis on income generation through effective sales initiatives and leave the processing to Loan Pro.

✓ We take complete charge of the processing of your files.

✓ Our expert knowledge with all Investor Guidelines translates into more approvals and more closings through speed and efficiency.

✓ No waste of your valuable time.

✓ More income reflected on your bottom line AS processing fee can be paid as a 3rd party fee on the closing disclosure.

Reduce Overhead Expenses

✓ No more Fixed Expenses Processing such as salaries, benefits, bricks & mortar, equipment, supplies, etc…

✓ Make Mortgage Processing a Variable Expense. Pay by number of loans.

✓ Take charge of your bottom line with significant expense reductions.

✓ We process your loans for less

Improves Customer Satisfaction

✓ When you hire a loan processing company, they will handle all your back-office processes. This will give you more time on hand to improve customer relations which in turn will result in improving client satisfaction.

Contract Processing FAQs

Contact us at 919.673.1991 or 919.673.7685. We can also be reached at our email address

Our office locations are in Wake Forest, North Carolina.

We have extensive experience working with Brokers and Lenders. We are well versed with lending guidelines and continually stay up-to-date with all program and guideline changes. Any and all regulatory changes are communicated with our partners, to ensure proper implementation with all parties involved.

We send an invoice to the closing attorney/escrow/title. Our fee is added to the Closing Disclosure and we are paid during settlement, similar to any other 3rd party charge.

We use what our Clients use. We do not want our customers to fit into our environment, rather we use their system/s and technology to perform the desired tasks just as if anyone else in their office will do. Our current software which we have extensive experience working in is Encompass, Calyx Point and PCL.

All correspondence with all parties will indicate that we are the loan manager with YOUR company, assisting with processing your mortgage loan.

Please see our “BENEFITS OF PARTNERSHIP” page.

Normally a file is reviewed within 24 hours of receiving it. As you know, the processing time for a file depends on a number of factors including the type of loan, how complete the file is when submitted to us, how quick the title companies and appraisers are, how cooperative your borrowers are, etc. Taking this into consideration, it is in everyone’s best interest for us to complete the process as quickly as possible.

  • Selecting the lender, loan program & locking the rate
  • Running a credit report (tri-merge report must be submitted with all files)
  • Submitting a completed and signed 1003 as well as all disclosures
  • Collecting the initial supporting documentation from the borrower and forwarding it to us along with the loan package.
  • Feel free to contact us to go over the procedure if you are unsure of the process.

Ultimately, compliance is the broker’s responsibility. However, we will assist you to help make sure all issues are covered.


Attachment_1532030368 (1)

We ended up needing a home loan much sooner than anticipated and needed to get our loan papers processed and approved within a weeks time. Holli treated our application like it was her own, walked us through each step, and worked day and night at times to make sure every detail was in order.

Not only did she respond promptly and answer all our questions with genuine pleasure and attentiveness, we felt really assured by her thoroughness and extremely blessed by the effort she put in to making sure our application was processed and approved on time.

I would recommend her services to anyone and felt such a personal connection with her through the process that we couldn’t wait to send her pictures once we settled in our new home. – Angela Whitenhill


As a school teacher, I expect items to be organized and executed precisely. Holli Dark exceeded my expectations in helping me finalize the financial aspect of purchasing a new place. She was extremely efficient and responded back to me immediately.

Holli was helpful, patient, organized, and knowledgeable in her field. I felt completely comfortable working with her and asking a ton of questions.

I would highly recommend Holli to help with the financial aspect and final touches when purchasing a new home. – Lorraine Contant


Holli has been communicative throughout the whole process. She always kept me updated about what I needed to provided or the next steps. I can say she made buying a home so much easier. – Heidi Simpson


Working with Holli was a pleasure from start to finish. I was always in the know. Whenever there was an issue, she was right there working hard to make sure I was getting taken care of. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking to by a new home. – Clarke Gordon


First I would like you to know that I appreciated the quality of work from you and your company. You made a stressful and timeframe by which documents had to be obtain and signed as minimal as possible and offer many times to help any way that you could. Your Internal and external customer service is a asset to your company.

I know with your role and style of communication it will set the tone for a successful company.  I wish you continued success in your work helping others such as my self. – Tina Yeldell



Kristal was an absolute delight to work with. Her professionalism surpassed my expectations by far! It was very clear during the entire process that I was working with the BEST. I would gladly and enthusiastically recommend Kristal and her team to anyone and everyone. Kristal answered all of my questions promptly and honestly.

She has an amazing array of knowledge and is more than willing to spend extra time explaining things in depth. I can’t thank Kristal enough for her role in my home buying experience!!! – Rakeesha Duncan

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